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Bali Event Hire, who are they and why are they so damn good?

Updated: May 29, 2022

Wedding Reception Bali

Along our journey as wedding and event planners here in Bali we have met, discovered and worked with some incredible suppliers. The event industry has not only grown and flourished in the past 10 years but the fierce competition is continuously forcing suppliers to evolve, adapt and grow with the demands of a hungry consumer market. Those that don’t, are left behind.

Two such ladies have not just met these challenges head on but have ridden the wave to become one of Bali’s most sought after supplier.

We had a chat with Vanessa and Sarah from Bali Event Hire to find out how the business got started, how they have become the leading furniture supplier in Bali and what they think are the next biggest trend in wedding style for 2020.

Vanessa & Sarah - Bali Event Hire Team

So how did Bali Event Hire come about?

It’s a lovely little tale! Sarah and I were planning a party in Seminyak and when it came to furniture, we realised there was only one chair available (which we didn’t like!) We had our own chairs and tables made for the event, it looked spectacular and Bali Event Hire was born!

Over the years what has been your most memorable moment at a wedding?

Every Bali wedding is divine but we always love a bride who takes a risk and we absolutely fell in love with a bride a couple of years ago who tied the knot in head to toe emerald green sequins! Yass!

What are some of the daily challenges do you face?

There are always challenges in any business, but we always try to face them with a sense of humour! Logistics are a huge part of our business but we have an experienced and incredible team who make magic happen. Everything else we just face with a positive attitude and integrity.

Why do you think most suppliers recommend you over your competition?

Our quality and service! We have spent 7 years fine tuning everything and at the core of Bali Event Hire is our ttention to detail and our amazing customer service. We also have a very loved and happy team and they are always on time and so helpful at every event- this is all super important on a wedding day when emotions can be high!

What advice would you have for someone thinking about starting up in your industry?

Follow your heart, do your research, value your staff, listen to and respect your clients have fun!

Tell us about the amazing team you have behind you?

We have a team of over 30 fulltime staff now – including warehouse staff, delivery staff, logistics, servicing, laundry and sales and marketing. The best bit is that NO-ONE has left us in 7 years – and we’re really proud of that! Our secret, treat your staff with the upmost respect and they will move mountains for you.

Wedding Reception Bali

You’ve seen a lot of trends over the years, what do you see as the wedding trend of 2020 and beyond?

We’re forecasting a lot of beautiful mixed décor. Modern clean lines, meets Natural materials and fibres. Burnt orange, blush and navy will also be big.

Where to from here? What is next for Bali Event Hire?

We’re always planning something new and we’re currently designing our mid-season range which is exciting!! Watch this space, we always have something amazing happening!

From your first initial contact to the set up of your wedding – Bali Event Hire is all about love and style…but mostly about the love. Consistently delivering unparalleled customer service, attention to quality and genuine care about your wedding & special event, there is a reason they are the best in their field.

Planning a wedding? Contact The Eleventh Agency.

Want to see the awesome catalogue? Jump over to the Bali Event Hire website.

Wedding Ceremony Bali

Wedding Ceremony Bali

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