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Bali Wedding Trends That Are So Hot Right Now.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Perspex Signage

While Perspex signage has been around for a little while, it still seems to be a big hit for weddings here in Bali. The clear acrylic paired with a stand out typography and floral accents really oozes style. So where are our clients using Perspex? Let’s have a look.

Seating Plans

So you’ve sat down for hours on end making sure that everyone is seated in the correct position. I mean you don’t want any seating upsets on your wedding day. The traditional way of letting your guests know where you want them to sit it with name cards on the table. But this can mean a lot of people walking round and around looking for their spot.

Have a look at these great seating plan boards.

Image by Mirelle Charmichael via Martha Stewart Weddings

This hexagonal plate with gold lettering is so on trend and not just for the acrylic, but the blush pink backdrop and it's geometric shape.

Image by Pacific Engagements

It's so easy to apply any font you like onto acrylic these days. For a cliff top wedding this wooden based seating plan is perfect, no blowing away in the wind.

We are just loving this clear box for a wedding seating chart. The lighting on the inside will look fantastic when the Bali sun sinks below the horizon.


How cool are wedding menus on acrylic? They’re our favourite wedding trend at the moment. They give such an air of elegance to the table. They can compliment your décor and flowers, and for a bonus, and they don’t hide anything underneath either.

Image by Cards & Pockets

Simple and elegant, while we're not sure that the moss is very practical we are loving the texture it's giving underneath the menu.

Image by Cards & Pockets

We have found that white seems to be the go to colour for the font on most wedding menus and we can see why. The contrast between the plate and font looks so elegant. Whether you go for laser engraved or transfers the results are just amazing.

Image by Personalised Favours

Acrylic is just so versatile. It can be cut to any shape or size and enhance table decorations. It's that attention to detail that really makes for an amazing wedding.

Ceremony Signage

I think we have all seen this before, but brides and grooms are getting creative with their Perspex signage. You can go clean and clear….or what about putting a translucent texture over the top? Marble, Wood, Palm leaves or even Abstract; the choices are limitless. It’s also a great way of complimenting your wedding décor. As wedding planners we’ve been witness to some awesome ceremony signs.

Image from Fox & Heart

Clean & clear is the go to for most wedding signage. Usually rectangular in shape and either landscape or portrait, but what about this round wedding sign?

Image from Rustic at Heart

As mentioned earlier, perspective is just so versatile, any shape is possible but so are the transfers. We are loving the tropicana vibe of this wedding sign.

Image by Do Tell Designs

Thinking outside of the box, you can also have any words laser cut from acrylic. The possibilities are endless. This is why acrylic signage is still a very hot trend for weddings in 2020.

Going Green

On the tropical island of Bali there is one colour that stands out in more than any other. Green. There is nearly every conceivable shade available. This is why we are seeing foliage of all shapes, sizes and colours being used boldly and subtly at our weddings. Whether it is archways, garlands or even seating plans we agree that this colour is going to be a wedding trend that sticks around.

Bouquet: Tumbleweed Floral Truck, Image By Cari Courtright via 100 Layer Cake

This bouquet is such a bold statement. The way the dark green bouquet contrasts against the white wedding dress. The use of textures as well as different shades of green truely make for a stunning wedding bouquet.

Florals by Embrujos, Image via Ruffled

Simple ways to give your wedding a tropical feel is using leaves on the back of chairs. The great thing about tropical foliage in Bali is that they're readily available, a great cost saver but they also hold up to the heat better than imported flowers.

Image from Jana Dillon

How about this idea of using a large Monstera leaf under the plate as a place setting? Paired with the natural grey linen and textured crockery we are just loving the understated simplicity.


While calligraphy is hardly anything new, it has been making a big comeback in recent years. With bespoke wedding invitations, menus, place settings and more; brides and grooms are seeking out professional calligraphy artists to put that little extra touch into their weddings. Making a statement with handwritten stationery gives a wedding an intimate and personal feeling.

Calligraphy & Image by Zemangskah

First Looks

Now this one pretty much goes against one of the biggest wedding superstitions out there but we think it is just the bee’s knees. Some of our brides and grooms opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. It’s a great way to get rid of any pre ceremony jitters, have a special moment together before the whirlwind of the day and also to get some amazing snaps. They make for some very emotionally charged photos.

Phography by Andrea Lindquist

The other great part of first look sessions is that if there are any make up worries they can all be fixed up before the wedding ceremony.

Neon Signage

Who doesn’t like the buzzing of a neon sign? Now, while the oversized light up lettering will always have its place, neon signs are making their presence known in wedding ceremonies and receptions. It’s a great way to add some fun to your wedding and who hasn’t wanted to see their name in neon lights.

Image from The Wedding Playbook

This is definitely one of our favourite neon signs. The play on words brings an element of fun and after the ceremony there really is only one thing left to do.......Party!!

Photo By Rachel Havel via Harpers Bazzar

Looks like it's ready for the bar to go in. Neon signs at your wedding make the best backdrops for photos.

Photo By AHR Photo via A Tropical Botanical Wedding

How's this little wedding photo nook. talk about Instagram ready and it gives your guests a place to chill out.

The Hanging Gardens

A hanging centrepiece full of flowers and foliage. It’s bold, luxurious and wows the socks of your guests. Large hanging centrepieces at wedding receptions are not for the faint of heart or light of budget. They are one of the more expensive trends but they make such a massive impact that if you can afford it then we say go for it.

Image by The Eleventh Agency

As wedding planners here in Bali we love having brides and grooms let their imagination run wild.

Image by The Eleventh Agency

You don't always need bright flowers. The use of large architectural leaves with the simple elegance of the Phalaenopsis makes for a dramatic hanging arrangement.

Photo By Iluminen via Bridal Musings

What's great about hanging floral arrangements for your wedding is the variety of flowers and leaves available. Add in some hanging lights and you've created a romantic reception that will definitely show your style credentials.

Photo by Imaj Gallery, Flowers by Gloriosa Flowerhouse via Ruffled Blog

The hanging gardens are so versatile that this is one trend that will be sticking around for quite some time.

Geometric Arches

This trend is not giving up lightly and for good reason, it makes for some amazing photos.

Paired with bouquets of leaves, flowers or the right lighting the geometric arch frames the bride and groom beautifully during the ceremony.

Image from Further Still Artistry

The traditional archway has given way to bold statement shapes, making your wedding ceremony as individual as you are.

Image from Bridal Pulse

We love a bit of minimalism and this tropical inspired ceremony arch is becoming a big request. As wedding planners we are more than happy to accommodate such elegant designs into your wedding.

Image via Rio Event Design

The double hexagonal arch is one of the most popular shapes in Bali this year, but for 2020 we are expecting to see more round, triangular and abstract shapes.

Trends come and go, and while you might not like them they are a great way to get some inspiration for your wedding.

As wedding planners in Bali, The Eleventh Agency is constantly looking for bold, new or even outrageous ideas that can be incorporated into an event. It's how we stay on top of our game and how we can make your wedding the best day of your life.

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