Is it time for the traditional wedding cake to stand aside or is there still room at the table?

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Ah, the wedding cake, from its humble beginnings as a long lasting fruit cake that resembled something you might use to build a house, it has seen more incarnations than the Dali Lama. With almost limitless choices of flavours, fillings, frostings and decorations, choosing a cake for your wedding can get a little overwhelming.

We’re here to hold your hand while we explore this tasty journey into the world of sweets at a wedding.

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Ok, so the first question that needs to be asked is “Do I have to have a cake at my wedding?”

There is absolutely no obligation on you to have a cake at your wedding. Period. However, having said that, it is generally a rule of thumb to offer something for your guests to recharge on after whipping up a storm on the dance floor. The alternatives are vast and can be tweaked to compliment your unique quirks.

“Mum, Dad and Grandma want to have a photo of me cutting the cake, what are my options?"

We’ll level with you, eliminating wedding cake is a great way to save a huge chunk of money. Bakeries charge exorbitant amounts of money for something that the majority of your guests won't even touch, but if you’re being pressured into a cake we recommend getting a tiered cake with a faux first level or two. This will look the part, satisfy the parents and not cost you the earth.

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“I don’t have a sweet tooth…now what?"

If you’re not into sweets have no fear, this day and age there are many alternatives available. You could have a tiered cheese cake adorned with fruits and berries, a finger sandwich stack, maybe even some light canapés? Whatever you offer, we are sure that your guests will thank you for soaking up some of the cocktails they’ve had.

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“We’ve decided against a wedding cake, what are the alternatives?"

We’re so glad you asked. Modern weddings have paved the way to throwing away some of the outdated traditions and allowing each bride and groom to impart more of their personality into their wedding days. Let’s have a look at some of the choices available that aren’t a wedding cake.

Cupcake Stations

The cupcake station or stack has been around for a while now but it’s still as popular as ever. The benefit to cupcakes is how flexible and diverse they can be. You can have multiple flavours on offer, have them large and small, you can even let your guests decorate them themselves giving a unique experience to your guests.

Image Via Cup Cake Elegance

Image Via Cute Little Cake Shop

Macaron Towers

Crisp, light and oh so decadent, the Macaron tower just lends itself so well to a wedding cake alternative. Available in every colour of the rainbow and beyond, it’s also really easy to have them compliment your wedding decor. No wonder they are a popular choice.

Image Via Girl Gets Wed

Image Via Happy Wedd

Doughnut Walls

We don’t know who came up with this idea, but quietly we think they’re genius. Like cupcakes and macarons, doughnuts are available in almost every conceivable flavour and when paired with the right coloured frosting and placed on a wall, well...the visual impact just makes the mouth water.

Image via Brian Miller Photography

Image via Hi Miss Puff

Image Via Rock My Wedding

Churros Stand

Fresh and hot, covered in cinnamon and sugar what’s not to love about a Churros? How about pairing it with delectable sauces that your guests can choose from. Chocolate, Caramel, Salted Caramel, Raspberry Coulis. Light...but oh so good.

Image Via Kojo Designs

Image Via Always Flawless Productions

Brownie Stack

Those that have a sweet spot for brownies and their extended family will love the brownie stack. Rich, gooey and oh so moreish, get creative and add some nuts, or coconut, go blonde with white chocolate. Finish off the stack with some fresh berries and whipped cream and just try and keep people away.

Image Via Epicuros

Image Via Aduna

Wobbling Tower of Jelly

Jelly?...At a wedding? We know, but stay with us...this is jelly for the adults.

We’re ultimately talking about cocktails, but in solid form. With amazingly bright colours and flavours jelly is fast becoming a fun alternative to cake. Fresh Lime Mojito Jelly, Cosmopolitan Jelly, Mango Daiquri Jelly you can really wow your guests with a refreshingly light late night treat.

Image Via Hitched


Ok, so ultimately it is still cake but Cakepops are no longer just reserved for kids. Having gone through a makeover these tasty and elegant little morsels are showing they have a proper place at any wedding.

Image Via Wedding Wire

And finally…one of our favourite alternatives to a wedding cake that is not just fun and interactive but also brimming with untapped potential is…the Piñata.

If you want unique and brilliant photo opportunities, then this one is for you. They can be made in any shape, size or colour and filled with anything and everything you can think of.

Image Via Roxanne Wilson

Image Via One Fab Day

As you can see, almost anything can take the place of the wedding cake, the options are so vast and varied that we have no doubt that you can find something that compliments who you are as a couple. But is there still room on the table for the traditional wedding cake? Well that choice is completely up to you.

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