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The Coronavirus and your Bali wedding.

Happy Bali Wedding

You had everything organised for your perfect day. Flights were booked, decoration sorted and dress purchased. Then as the Covid 19 pandemic started to spread itself around the world everyone’s plans were sent into literal chaos.

So what can you do? Below we try to give you some helpful hints and suggestions so that you don’t end up loosing everything you worked so hard to achieve.

First of all…….feel the feels!

It is perfectly ok to feel emotional about postponing or even cancelling your wedding date. Whether that emotion is sadness, disappointment, confusion, anger or even a mash up of them all, your emotions are real……and they are valid.

Absolutely no one could have anticipated the severity of this viral infection sweeping its way around the globe, so having to face the real possibility of cancelling or rearranging everything can take a toll. It’s ok to feel the feels.

It's ok to be emotional

So what should you do? Postpone or Cancel?

While no one knows how long we will be impacted by the Coronavirus you should be thinking long and hard about what action you need to take.

Many vendors here in Bali have been affected by an unprecedented volume of cancellations. Some vendors (like ourselves) have offered complete refunds, others unfortunately, have not. We suggest to read your contracts and see whether you will be able to get any or all of your money back.

Most vendors are happy to engage with the postponing of your wedding date, knowing which date to choose is a bit of a stab in the dark right now. Keep in mind that there are thousands of weddings here in Bali every year so if you are looking at postponing your wedding date you will need to get in early to make sure it’s still available.

If you have partnered with a wedding planner here in Bali, then this process will be a whole lot easier for you. The wedding planner will give you the best advice and also do all of the ringing around to act on the decision you’ve made.

Wedding reception Bali

What if I didn’t have a wedding planner to start with?

If you have started to contact your vendors and are getting the bad news, call after call that you have either lost your deposit or that you will only receive a partial refund don’t give up yet. If you are still planning on getting married in Bali we recommend to hire a wedding planner. Why?

This is our industry, we are the best people to get everything sorted and back on track for you. We have existing relationships with the vendors and now is the time that we can call in favours.

We will contact all of your vendors and arrange everything on your behalf. Even if you don’t have a new date set in stone that isn’t a worry. After we have contacted each and every vendor we will let you know which dates they all have available, then all you need to do is choose the right one for you.

So if you’ve made the decision to postpone your wedding you need to tell your guests.

When you’ve made the hard decision to postpone your wedding the first thing you will want to do is contact your guests. Don’t worry about felling ashamed, your guests love both you and your partner and (unless they’ve been living under a rock) are fully aware of the impact Covid 19 has had on society around the world.

If you haven’t decided on a date to postpone to then that’s still ok. Just tell your guests that you are rescheduling and you will continue to keep them informed when you have decided.


How can The Eleventh Agency help you?

We already know that many brides have lost a lot of money from vendors unwilling to refund their money. It has hurt our industry and reputation with many brides angry that the vendors are being so unsympathetic. In order to help out any bride or groom that is still willing to get married in Bali once the pandemic is under control we will be offering a 20% discount off our management fees.

We know this isn’t a huge incentive, but unfortunately it is all we are able to afford.

Like many, we lost all of our business, every single client. In order to help you out with not have to go through the stress of contacting all of your vendors, time and time again, we will happily take the stress off your hands and make sure that whenever your wedding will be, that it WILL be the day you spent so long planning.

To take advantage of the discount please use the contact form and add the special code MARRIEDINBALI into the message box.

It's a sign

Love to all

The Eleventh Agency Team

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