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Who do we rate as the best caterers in Bali and why?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Catering in Bali has come a long way in the past 10 years. The choices seem to be endless and thinking you can do a quick Google search to find a caterer can end up feeling like a trip down the rabbit hole with no end in site.

So how do you find the best catering company for your event or wedding?

We can help. We have dealt with many catering companies in many different settings, from small and intimate gatherings to large scale corporate functions and to be one of the best they need to score highly in the following criteria;

  • Communication

  • Value

  • Quality

  • Flexibility

  • Experience

  • Hygiene


One thorn in every event and wedding planners side here in Bali is bad communication from suppliers. A good caterer should be easy to communicate with and should respond to emails and calls quickly. If you’re experiencing issues communicating with a caterer in the beginning, then you’re likely to experience issues down the line.


We understand that only a very select few have the fortune of an unlimited budget, for the rest of us, well, we need to make each and every dollar count. When searching for a caterer for your event you need to make sure that the price your paying for the food at your event will ultimately satisfy you and your guests hunger. The best way to find this out it to ask for a tasting. When having a tasting session you will get a really good idea of serving/portion sizes for the dishes you are interested in versus the price you’re going to be paying.


Whether you are wanting a completely plant based menu or maybe a burger cart off to the side, the quality of the food served at your event can reflect positively or be a complete disaster. You must vet the caterers on your list. Again this is done by arranging a food tasting. A food tasting really allows you to judge if this caterer is the right fit for you and your event. As professional Event managers we always recommend having a tasting session before you commit to your caterer.


A good catering company is a flexible catering company. Whether we are talking about guest minimums, dietary requirements or event locations, if your preferred caterer is not willing to be flexible, then you should continue searching for one that is.


Just like most event planners specialise in a particular type of event, many caterers will do the same. Make sure that your caterer has experience working with your kind of event.

Hiring your favourite sate seller to cater for your 200 strong guest list is probably not going to go down well. You need to have a clear idea of the style of catering you’re after and you need your caterer to have experience in that field.


We would hope this would go without saying but we can’t stress the importance of safe food handling practices enough. Bali is a humid and hot place and ingredients can spoil quickly, so you need to make sure that your caterer isn’t going to make you and your guests sick. When meeting with potential caterers ask to see their kitchens or food preparation areas. Any catering company worth their salt will be more than happy to show you through their facilities, in fact most of them will proudly show you, if they don’t………RUN!!

Now that you know what is important to consider when hiring a catering company now you can read on and find out who we rate as not only easy to deal with but is guaranteed to leave even the most discerning gastronome wanting seconds.

Vivre get the full 5 stars. They are such a pleasure to work with that we wish we could have given them more stars. Vivre has one of the best kitchens we have seen, with an emphasis of zero cross contamination, meaning everything that leaves from their state of the art facilities is in perfect condition. They have the capability to cater for small and intimate gatherings or corporate functions of 2500 delegates. Vivre are also incredibly flexible, understand the need for flawless organisation and have a wide range of culinary options available. If, by some miracle, you are not able to find what you are after on their menu offerings Vivre are happy to custom any of their menus to meet your needs. Vivre really is a 5 star operation.

  • Communication *****

  • Value *****

  • Quality *****

  • Flexibility *****

  • Experience *****

  • Hygiene *****

Images via Vivre

Bali Catering Company has been on the island of Bali for quite some time and are well established in the industry. Communication is one of their biggest let downs. They also don’t offer food tastings without paying 50% of your quoted event menu which is something to consider. They do however offer a very diverse range of delicious dishes from Canapés, to Family style and everything in between.

  • Communication ***

  • Value ****

  • Quality ****

  • Flexibility **

  • Experience *****

  • Hygiene *****

Images via Bali Catering Company

Dijon has been a strong player in the Bali catering scene for many many years and are still used by many wedding and event agencies. They source quality ingredients and have an eye for detail. They too, are seriously let down by their communication, if you want a quick reply we suggest calling them directly. Whilst Dijon have dishes to suit every palate they are an expensive choice, so if you are restricted by budget they may not be the best option for you.

  • Communication **

  • Value ***

  • Quality *****

  • Flexibility ****

  • Experience ****

  • Hygiene ****

Images via Dijon

ABC are a budget friendly catering company. Fully Indonesian owned and operated these guys are always a caterer for consideration. With local, western and fusion dishes available they really cover most people’s catering requirements. They are a little on the slow side with communication but make up for it in all other categories.

  • Communication ***

  • Value ****

  • Quality ****

  • Flexibility ****

  • Experience ****

  • Hygiene ****

Images via ABC

Finding the best caterer for your event doesn’t need to be an ordeal, but you do need to approach the process with a clear head and a definite plan.

If you think the caterer you are considering is less than scrumptious, move on to another until you find a professional that can meet all of your needs.

Remember, the success of your event depends on your choice of vendors, and the caterer you hire will be representing you at the event.

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