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Tropical Wedding Favours


Some would argue that handing out wedding favours is so passé. Because it’s a tradition that over the years has repeatedly failed to excite guests. I mean who really wants another stubby holder with a worn out quote and your wedding date on them? Except maybe you.

It’s 2022, and yes this year has given us some challenges but there is so much available to you these days that if you dare hand out another box of sugared almonds because you couldn’t think of anything else someone is going to cry. (probably me).


So to make your life just that little bit easier we have put together a short list of wedding favours that are affordable, practical and will actually be used by your wedding guests rather than thrown in the bin in their hotel room.


So without further ado…

Calico beach bag

So you’ve decided to have your wedding in a tropical destination, what better gift for your guests than a functional, funky and light weight bag to use while exploring the local markets or spending a day down at the beach. With so many styles and printing options available, gifting your guests something that they probably forgot to pack in their luggage is super practical.


Credit: Society6


Credit: Etsy

A Stack of Postcards


I’m probably showing my age here but who remembers getting postcards in the mail? It was just so exciting to get something other than another bill in your letterbox. So getting a pack of pre-stamped destination specific post cards printed up as a gift to your guests means they can share the love and enjoyment they feel in a more personal way with their loved ones still at home.


Credit: Idea Storm

Ok bare with us. We’re not talking about any run of the mill thongs here. We’re talking about Instagram worthy thongs. How can the humble thong be Instagramable you ask? Well, we all know that the treads of our footwear leave imprints in the soft sand, and these days you can get your imprints customised.

Thongs (aka Flip Flops)


Credit: Beau Coup


So this option isn’t exactly unique, but it’s damn practical. So many weddings here in Bali are held at sunset, with your guests staring almost directly at the sun whilst trying to watch the ceremony. Having a cool pair of sunnies with be such a welcome gift. I mean you want your guests to be blinded by your love not by the sun right?


Credit: Fab Mood

Scented face mist

It’s fair to say that the majority of your guests aren’t acclimatised to the heat a tropical destination can throw at you. So why not give your guests a custom fragrance face mist that they can spritz themselves with from time to time. You can match the scent with your flowers or even have two different fragrances, one for the ladies and one for the gents.


Credit: Nouba

Reusable drinking bottle

In the tropics hydration is key to a good time and a reusable metal bottle is not just an amazingly practical gift but it also helps reduce the plastic waste that plague so many tropical islands. Your guests can take it with them during any day trips and this means that by not having guests passed out in their rooms from heat exhaustion you can continue to party with them each and every night.


Credit: We are common


Beach blanket

So hands up who takes a towel with them when they’re travelling to an overseas destination? Yeah…..thought so…..none of you. And when you get to your destination the majority of accommodations don’t offer beach towels either so why not give your guests something they can use whilst on holiday and that will last them for years to come? With so many sizes, materials and colours to choose from it’s really a gift that keeps on giving.


Credit: Lo Tides - Etsy


Credit: Alixann

Now a little advice when choosing how to customise your wedding favours. Less is more. We know you probably have overwhelming desire to put your names, dates and a worn out phrase onto your favours like everybody else but please, use restraint. The key to a successful gift is that it will be used and cherished. So maybe just your initials or the year of your wedding is just enough to remind your guest of that most amazing destination wedding that they were invited to.

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