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The benefit of having a micro-wedding.

Bride and Groom embracing

Micro-wedding? We know, we know, it seems the events industry churns out a new term more often that Simon Cowell gets his teeth whitened but stick with us. We are going to let you know all about Micro-weddings and why they have become the wedding of choice for 2021 and beyond.


It’s no secret that Covid-19 has changed the world forever and the wedding industry has been no exception. The sheer number of postponed or cancelled weddings for 2020 is eye watering. Believe us. With so many restrictions and confusion on what is an acceptable number of people to be together in one place the wedding industry has worked hard to make sure that you can not just have your wedding, but have an entire experience that you will likely never forget.


A micro-wedding is by nature small. Think intimate wedding now go smaller. Less than 30 people and often less than 10. A micro-wedding is more about the people that you invite rather than making sure everyone you’ve ever met has an invitation to your big day.


It’s about the people that are the most important to you. People you see regularly, share secrets with and have a bond with. A Micro-wedding isn’t about long lost relatives or your Aunt friend Joan from the bowls club.

The flexibility and intimate environment a Micro-wedding creates is why it is now the wedding of choice.

Micro-wedding group photo

What are the benefits of a Micro-wedding?

Well let’s start with the obvious. Money. With less seats to fill and less table setting to set you’re going to notice quite a few more numbers in your bank account.

A micro-wedding can be pared down to create a close and snug atmosphere. There is no need to go overboard with all of the ‘extras’, the whole point is to enjoy the simplicity of the setting. And don’t think just because you have the term ‘micro’ for your wedding that you have to skimp on details.

This gives you a chance to truly add your style, your flourishes, décor that celebrates your personality.

Your photographer will love it too. With less distraction of having to shoot everything they will focus on you and well, isn’t that the point?

Intimate micro-wedding dinner

Experiences are aplenty

Most weddings are about the ceremony and reception, destination weddings are about that and the experiences the location has to offer. A Micro-wedding gives you so many more options because your budget goes much further. You can hire a private chef to cook for you in your villa, or what about a day of absolute indulgence and pampering getting your nails, skin and muscles worked on?

There could be a photographer hired for the whole time capturing some of the best moments of your life with those you hold dearest in your life.

Uluwatu clifftop wedding venues

Wedding Venue Options

As the numbers of guest list decreases the ability to find a venue that can host your Micro-wedding increases. And let us tell you that there are some of the most stunning smaller villas and venues available right now. Whether it’s jungle, cliff top, beachfront, on the water or even rice paddy views the sheer volume of venues that will uniquely capture the vision for your wedding is a very welcome option. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Watching a wedding via computer

Won't people be offended if they aren't invited to the wedding?

Maybe, but the vast majority of people will understand. Unless they’ve been hiding under a rock your extended family and friends will most likely know about the restrictions on big gatherings and forgive you for not inviting them.

If you did want to include them that is where technology comes in to play. Your vendor can organise cameras, screens and projectors to stream your ceremony right to their phone, tablet or computer. So they still get to witness your declarations of love. 

Another unique idea is to have those that couldn’t be at the reception to pre-record messages to play later in the evening. Most speeches at weddings are made up on the spot, but something pre-recorded will be rehearsed and a lot more likely to get the waterworks going. 


Having a Micro-wedding gives you more options to really bring your celebrations to the next level. A welcome dinner maybe? A pool party with private DJ and blow up swans? Or what about a fireworks extravaganza? The choices are many and as unique as you. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a beautiful opportunity for you to focus on what is important to you and what is the best representation of your love. We are sure that whatever you choose to do it is certain to be a day (or weekend) that will create charming memories and strengthen bonds with those you hold closest in your life. 

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