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Well look at you having excellent taste and clicking our link. Looks like you’re interested in a glamourous wedding in Bali and why wouldn’t you? Excellent climate, stand out locations and it is SO MUCH CHEAPER!

Now you’re on the hunt for an exclusive wedding planner that can make your wedding in Bali top notch. But there are so many to choose from, how do you decide which on is going to deliver the wedding of your dreams? 


You could just close all the other wedding planner tabs on your browser and choose us as your wedding organiser, or we can get a little friendly and tell you why you should close all of the tabs on on your browser and choose us.

who are we?

OK 60 second speed dating intro. We are two guys from Australia that freaking love to plan a wedding and where better to have a wedding but in Bali, right?

Our in-house wedding powerhouse is Brett Dennis, and with more than 30 years as a nuptial maestro, has organised luxury wedding after glamorous wedding after VIP wedding in both Australia and Indonesia. He’s lived in Bali for over 7 year’s full time and Brett has curated more weddings and celebrations that you can throw a stick at, and all hosted at some of the islands most jaw dropping venues.

Tim is on the back end. He’s the one that sits behind the scenes. If he’s not scouting for unique locations, he’s writing about weddings on our blog, scouring the internet for the latest wedding trends or re-imagining the classics and pulling together some of the best honeymoon experiences that a Bali bride and groom will never forget.

Together we are your full throttle wedding planner dream team. 


what do we do?

Seriously? Weddings, we do weddings.


How do we do them? Now that’s the right question.  As seasoned wedding planners in Bali we have the experience and industry contacts to get you meticulously styled tables engineered down to the last dessertspoon. We promise a wedding ceremony "I do" that will mist up every eye in the crowd.  


We deliver wedding solutions that are not a carbon copy but an inexplicable reflection of your character, your quirks, your style and your love story. 

We listen, we communicate and we deliver.


If you got this far you’re a hard nut to crack. 


Why choose us as your Bali wedding planner? Because we're handsome! 

Not convincing enough? Ok well we have been working all our lives crafting, creating and learning everything possible to make your day happen the way you dreamed it always would be – we need your wedding to be incomparable, magical and exceeding your wildest dreams.


We don’t do off-the-rack; We are the fairy godmothers (fathers) of planning happy weddings, and we will deliver a wedding that is as individual as you are.

why choose us?