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Image by Paul Pastourmatzis

Wouldn’t it be great to have a one size fits all wedding budget? Have the wedding of your dreams without having to worry about the financial side of things.


One can dream...


You’re newly engaged (congratulations!), you’ve just started to organise your wedding plans, and the dream of getting married on some tropical island has been brought up. You both love the idea but then come the questions...


The list of things to organise seems to get bigger every time you look at it – wedding invitations, venue, caterers, flowers, guest list, entertainment, seating plans, dresses, suits, insurance and more.


If you needed any more reasons to help you decide on a Destination Wedding in Bali, we’ve put together some surprising things that will keep your stress levels low by having your wedding abroad.


Micro-wedding? We know, we know, it seems the events industry churns out a new term more often that Simon Cowell gets his teeth whitened but stick with us...


Some would argue that handing out wedding favours is so passé. Because it’s a tradition that over the years has repeatedly failed to excite guests. I mean who really wants another stubby holder...


When we think of some of our biggest fears, snakes and spiders generally spring to mind, but did you know that just outside of these hair raising fears sits public speaking and you’ve been asked to read a speech at your besties wedding.


We’ve all been there, we’ve all heard it and we’ve all watched it like a slow motion car crash. You know, the bad jokes, the awkward pauses, the swaying from side to side after one too many drinks. This is the tragedy of not choosing the right MC...


Ah, the wedding cake, from its humble beginnings as a long lasting fruit cake that resembled something you might use to build a house, it has seen more incarnations than the Dali Lama. With almost limitless choices of flavours, fillings, frostings and...


We are all for the newer trends in weddings – it’s your big day and why shouldn’t you make it uniquely your own? - that said, there is one wedding tradition that is almost universally required (well, aside from actually getting married) and that’s the open bar.


Smart phones have revolutionised the world. They keep us connected, informed and entertained. We can capture a moment in an instant and share it with the world just as quickly, so when it comes to weddings; What is the proper etiquette for these devices?


A lot of brides and grooms want to save as much money as they can when putting together a wedding. It can quite quickly spiral out of control if you don’t know what you’re doing. 


Choosing your Bali wedding venue is not for the feint of heart. With a myriad of stunning backdrops and dazzling venues to choose from it can seem daunting for the uninitiated. Fear not, The Eleventh Agency have trekked the island to find the crème del..


There are a few things in life that cost a lot of money and there is no way around it. Whether it’s your first home, or a new car they inevitably punch a big hole in that savings account. But your wedding isn’t one of those things that should set you back.


How to get your dress to your destination in mint condition?

All weddings pose different challenges; a destination wedding has these same difficulties with a few more thrown in to keep you on your toes. 

Choosing a wedding photographer can seem like a daunting task, and it actually can be, but if you follow these expert tips and you will ensure you have beautiful memories to look back on for years to come. 

While there is no hard and fast rule as to who should be financing all of the matrimonial celebrations it’s a good idea to have this sorted out as soon as you can. We all know that when it comes to arguments they generally start when money is involved...

While traditional weddings close to home don’t usually have a welcome dinner or day after chill out session, there is something different about destination weddings.

Your guests have travelled far and wide...

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