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Selecting A Bali Wedding Venue – your ultimate guide for 2022.


Choosing your Bali wedding venue is not for the feint of heart. With a myriad of stunning backdrops and dazzling venues to choose from it can seem daunting for the uninitiated. Fear not, The Eleventh Agency have trekked the island to find the crème del a crème of wedding venues in Bali to ease the process.


But before you go and whack a deposit down there are a few very important details you need to consider. We are here to help you shortlist the perfect venues that line up with your dreams.


So where do you start?



You have excellent taste and have chosen Bali as your destination wedding, GO YOU!! A glamorous tropical location known for it’s warm weather and brilliant sunsets. Stunning locations abound and choices like beach front, clifftop or perhaps a jungle setting are available in almost every size, style and budget.


So how do you narrow the choice of villas down? Easy. Choose your backdrop. What scenery will “WOW!” your guests, compliment your unique style and make for the best wedding photos ever?

Once you’ve figured out your back drop the venue list will shrink dramatically, but we’re not done yet, we need to get that bad boy smaller still.


This one seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how often this is step is put way, way, WAY down the list. There is no point picking a date to get married if none of your dream venues are available. We really recommend finding a venue that is available for the season you want and after that then you can set your date.



OK, so we’ve got a style in mind, the shortlisted venues are available, now we move on to capacity. The majority of Bali wedding venues have a maximum and minimum number of guests that can be hosted.


So if the venue isn’t flexible on capacity, it’s time to strike them out.


Bali is cheap, that’s a given, but you need to be realistic with your budget. When it comes to venues you get what you pay for. The healthier the budget the more stunning the location. It’s as simple as that. Also consider that the more remote the location the bigger the budget you’ll need.


Why you may ask? Because you will need to shuttle your guests back and forth for the big day.



Speaking of guests, we need somewhere for them to stay. What is available and close to the venue? What’s their budget? Are there cafes and restaurants close by?

Choosing a hotel or resort seems like a good idea right? 

Two birds, one stone. 

We admit that hotels and resorts do have amazing outlooks but they’re also on the costly side and generally have very strict guidelines. 

Minimum spends and minimum guest numbers. They also normally don’t allow outside event managers or caterers to assist in creating your special day. You will be assigned an in-house planner that would be dealing with you and many other clients. The finer details of what you want for your wedding can and probably will be lost.


So yeah, you can go for a standard hotel wedding package but that’s not why you chose Bali as your wedding destination, is it?


Yep, there’s always more to pay and the majority of venues will also slug you a fee to hold an event on top of the venue hire costs. The price will depend of the venue, time of year and the number of guests attending. There is also Banjar (local government) fees to consider. While not always applicable you’ll want to ask.



Do you really need a wedding planner? Yes, yes you do. 

Unless you are living here in Bali, have a comprehensive network of suppliers, speak Bahasa Indonesian, have oodles of time and have the most amazing organisation skills ever – you will need an amazing wedding planner to take care of all of that and a whole lot more.


Planning a wedding is a full-time job and in a location like Bali, you need a plethora of experience too. Processes just don’t work the same here as they do in the west. Doing it all yourself is a recipe for disaster you just don’t need that for your wedding day!


Now who do we recommend to help you do everything? 

Us of course!

Here at The Eleventh Agency Weddings, Brett and his awesome team are dedicated, meticulous and super friendly and they will ensure your wedding day is fabulous and beyond your wildest dreams. So, shoot us an email at and let’s get the ball rolling. 

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