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Why hiring a professional florist for your wedding is so important.


A lot of brides and grooms want to save as much money as they can when putting together a wedding. It can quite quickly spiral out of control if you don’t know what you’re doing. This could be why we are seeing the popularity of DIY weddings on the rise, and there is nothing wrong with planning your own wedding. It is after all “your day”.


Where a lot of engaged couples think they can save money on their DIY wedding is taking care of the floral arrangements themselves. I mean how hard can it be to put a couple of flowers together, right? 


When it comes to your wedding flowers, is it really a good idea to do them yourself? 

Here are six reasons why hiring a professional florist to handle your wedding flowers is a very good idea.



Florists have access to a world of flowers at the best rates. It is not uncommon for the DIY bride to spend just as much on flowers and the raw materials as they would have likely spent on the finished products designed and arranged by a professional florist.


So let’s say that one day you want to paint a picture. You get your paints out, set up your canvas and line up your brushes, you are about to paint the next masterpiece. But wait, you’ve never painted before… you think you’ll be able to paint the next Mona Lisa? Will your first attempt look like the original? It’s highly unlikely. It’s the same situation with floral arrangements. Floral design is a complex skill, one that takes many years to master. Our advice is to take advantage of a florist’s experience and allow them to bring together your design with minimal stress, for you and the flowers.



Flowers are beautiful, fragrant and colourful. Flowers are also fragile. They are susceptible to wilting, bruising and petal loss if not handled correctly. As a DIY wedding planner that doesn’t possess the skills of a professional florist you’re more likely to end up with fewer usable flowers than you paid for. A florist knows which flowers are suitable for your design, the weather and will advise you on the best picks for your day.


It goes without saying that a florist has access to fresher and higher quality flowers than you could get at the flower market. Sure you could wake up early on your wedding day, go to the flower markets to buy your flowers, you might spend a little more but you’re getting what you want. But how are you going to keep them “as fresh as a daisy”? Professional florists have walk in cooler rooms and transport vans specifically for keeping all their blooms in top condition, meaning you wont have a droopy bouquet when you walk down the aisle.

When hiring a florist, you also get what you pay for. You may also be able to find a cheaper florist, but it’s best to check their work and reviews before committing. The true wedding professionals take their art very seriously, they may cost a little bit more but we can say from experience, it’s worth every cent.



Florists are masters of their craft. They have the know how and skills to create some truly remarkable arrangements. Want your flowers hanging from the rafters? A professional florist can do this. How about a monochromatic colour scheme? That’s a florist’s job. Or maybe you’re wanting some floral jewellery? That’s right……a florist can do this and so much more. A professional florist is always finding the new next best thing.


Floral arrangements don’t just take skill, they take time. A lot of time. Do you want to be up a ladder hanging flowers just hours before you walk down the aisle? I’m thinking probably not. Why add another layer of stress when you just don’t have to? Let a professional worry about this while you sip on some champagne and get ready for the ceremony.


So as you can see, there is more than just cost to consider when considering to DIY your wedding flowers. We recommend talking to a professional before you make any firm plans. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at what they can offer.

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