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Why the 3 day wedding celebration is what you want for your wedding plans.

Bride walking toward her groom

While traditional weddings close to home don’t usually have a welcome dinner or day after chill out session, there is something different about destination weddings.

Your guests have travelled far and wide at a considerable cost to be witness to you and your fiancé declaring your love and commitment to each other.

So having more than just one day of fun and frivolity will show your closest and dearest that you appreciate the effort they have made to be by your side. And who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family and friends?


While there is no denying that rehearsal dinners are on the out and blowout wedding weekends are on the rise, sometimes three day’s worth of events aren’t on the cards (or budget) for every couple.


But don’t think that you have to go big, in fact quite the opposite. These celebrations are supposed to be the casual part of your destination wedding. They give a chance for everyone to mingle, catch up, get into the groove of what’s to come or reminisce of the night before.


So what types of welcome dinners and day after sessions are right for you?

The day before the wedding welcome 

A beach bar dinner and drinks

This is a great idea and so easy to organise, and with a plethora of beach bars available in almost all locations this certainly sets up what is to come for the rest of the celebrations. Think about it, a warm tropical evening, your feet in the sand, the drinks are flowing and there is laughter in the air. Hiring out an entire bar on the beach for a couple of hours will allow everyone to shake off the stresses of travelling. You can even reduce costs by having your guests pay for their own drinks.

A cocktail with a sunset behind

A cocktail party

Having a stand up cocktail party is a little more on the lavish side of welcome drinks but if it fits the style of your wedding then why not. Beautifully decorated tables, hanging lights and soft music playing in the background. Staff roaming the crowd with canapes and cocktails. This is always a hit with brides, grooms and guests

welcome dinner cocktail party

A pimped up BBQ

Why is it that when ever any type of food hits a grill it tastes just so much better?

We all know that a barbeque is always a casual affair and there is a reason this option is so popular. Imagine casual seating, Moroccan style picnic areas with cushions scattered around, chilled out tunes and some oversized games for some light entertainment. This option is is by far budget friendly and sure to be a hit with everyone on your guest list.

welcome dinner barbeque

The day after session

A pool party

All the planning, stress, tears and laughter are done. Your big day has come and gone. But did you actually get to have fun or was it all such a blur of emotions that you only have glimpses of your wedding night?

What better way to to share some memories and stories than a day by the pool with your besties? Chilling out, sunbaking, cocktails and splashing around in the cool water. Pair that with some rehydrating drinks, tropical grooves and a light lunch and you have a day to remember.

beach balls in a pool

The backwards bachelorette

Sometimes destination weddings don’t allow for a bachelorette party, with costs already quite high for most of your guests having another party to celebrate your final days as a single woman might not be an option, But, a backwards bachelorette can give you so many more options than just a drunken night out. We’re talking full blown pampering. Massages, facials, crème baths the works. Can you imagine the after such a stressful event, and let’s be honest with all the nerves associated with a wedding, it is stressful! So relaxing with your best girls, sipping champagne and recounting the night before is such an awesome event.

woman getting a massage

Beers with the boys

Just like the backwards bachelorette this day is in place of a bachelor party. Getting some time to show your mates that even though you’re married now that they are important to you and that you value their friendship.

And with so many activities to choose from we can make this a day to let your hair down and bond.

From quad biking to mini golf, deep sea fishing to doing backflips of a diving board we will make sure you and the guys are well fed, and incredibly well “hydrated”.

tacos and beers

The world has most certainly changed; the pandemic has made us re-evaluate what is important to us. Friends and family.

So why not mix things up a bit and show them how much they mean to you. They’ve showed how much you mean to them by coming to your wedding so it might be time to show them the love.

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