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How a Destination Wedding is Actually Less Stressful.

wedding sparklers for bride and groom entrance

If you needed any more reasons to help you decide on a Destination Wedding in Bali, we’ve put together some surprising things that will keep your stress levels low by having your wedding abroad.

An out of control guest list

When you start out organising your guest list it can quickly start to spiral out of control.

There are your families to invite, extended family, co workers, friends, your parents’ friends, family friends etc. etc. The list is huge, unfortunately, your budget just isn’t up to the task of accommodating all of them.


By choosing to have a destination wedding it will automatically streamline your guest list into a more manageable number, that better reflects your budget.


It is likely that only your nearest and dearest will make the commitment to travel when you say your “I do’s”.

Lower guest numbers, lower stress and better for your budget. 

wedding ceremony

Having to do everything yourself.

It’s pretty well known that most grooms-to-be aren’t that involved in the planning of a wedding.

However, when it comes to a destination wedding we find that the guys certainly rise to the challenge of helping out.

Whether it’s organising activities for your guests, picking out the groomsmen’s outfits or even finding that really cool place for the day after pool party.


Having a destination wedding is exciting for both parties, and if your future husband is wanting to help you plan, then that takes more weight off your shoulders.

car decorated for a wedding

Getting to your wedding.

When you get married close to home you’re going to have to arrange transportation to get to your venue.

What type of car is going to suit your wedding?

Are they available?

How much is it going to cost to go a couple of kilometres?

Do I really need to decorate the car too?


The need for transportation on the day of your wedding at a destination wedding is pretty much obsolete.


Generally, you’re already staying at the venue of choice and not having to stress about the cost of transportation in your wedding budget is always a big plus.

woman in laundromat

Mundane tasks are not on the agenda.

When you’re having a hometown wedding it’s pretty likely that you are not staying in a hotel, before your big day. It’s more likely that you are at home.

What happens when you’re at home?




By having a destination wedding you can put all the mundane tasks, like doing the dishes, dusting, vacuuming or another load of washing on hold. You can spend your energy on what really matters.


I mean seriously, who want to worry about having left the iron on when walking down the aisle?

Couple holding hands

Time is on your side

The reality of spending time with each and every one of your guests at a 5-hour reception is going to be pretty challenging, if not exhausting.

At a destination wedding most guests will arrive one or two days in advance, and also, probably tack on a couple of extra days too.

With this extra time together you can easily spread out catching up with everyone who attends your wedding, leaving the reception focused on the good time it was intended to be.

Beach wedding in Bali

Over Decorating

Having a destination wedding IS about the destination as much as it is about the wedding. You chose it because of it’s natural beauty. Whether on a cliff top over looking the Indian ocean or a beach wedding with the sand between your toes, you don’t need to go overboard trying to create an atmosphere. The chances are that the location you chose is already doing an amazing job of that.

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