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Cost of a Bali Wedding

Wedding Table set for a ceremony

You’re newly engaged (congratulations!), you’ve just started to organise your wedding plans, and the dream of getting married on some tropical island has been brought up. You both love the idea but then come the questions. How much does a destination wedding cost? Can we afford this? Is this dream realistic for our budget?


Read on because you might be surprised by the answer.



If you’ve ever dreamed of having a destination wedding, we can honestly say, you’re not alone. Many engaged couples look to destination weddings for a few reasons. It’s a chance to have your dream wedding in your favourite location, for all your friends and family to come together to spend a few days partying and catching up and also the affordability of it all.

There is a stigma that the cost of destination wedding comes with a top notch price tag, and we can see why this is. The amazing locations, the stunning 5 star venues, the international travel together with several nights’ accommodation. Yet, despite all of this, destination weddings come with a relatively low price tag when compared to the cost of a hometown wedding.



Let’s break it down a little for you.

  • In Australia, the average cost of a wedding in 2022 was around $50,000 AUD, according to Easy Weddings.

  • In The United  States, the average cost of a wedding in 2022 was around $30,000 USD, according to The Knot.

  • The average cost for a wedding in 2023 in Bali is about $20.000



Now you need to understand that this is an average cost for a wedding in Bali and it doesn’t include airfares nor accommodation so this will increase the overall amount but it will not be anywhere close to an extra $20.000 to $30.000. (Just think of what you could spend that money on)


While getting married in Bali is cheap and you certainly get more bang for your buck. The total cost? Well that really depends on what style of wedding your envisioning, how many guests you’re inviting and where you choose to hold your ceremony and reception.

want to see a nice

set of packages?

Get ready to tie the knot!! We've got wedding packages for every size, from extravagant affairs to cozy gatherings.

Want a ceremony-only deal? No problem!

Looking for something totally out-of-the-box? We've got you covered, too!

Let's make your big day as customisable as your favourite pizza toppings (minus the pineapple, of course, unless you're into that, no judgement!). 

Bridesmaids holding bouquets

In Bali you Pay for Quality

As an example, one of The Eleventh Agency's destination wedding packages starts from around $18.000AUD, and while this will give you a fantastic wedding with quite a few “wow” moments from your guests, costs can and do change depending on what you want for your wedding.

We are sure that you will be able to find a cheaper wedding package elsewhere, this is Bali after all. However, in Bali you pay for quality. By choosing a cheaper alternative you will most likely need to compromise on either your venue, décor, your food or all of them. There is also the chance that the cheaper options don't have flexible "new normal" contracts.


Also when comparing wedding packages here in Bali remember that the devil is in the detail. You may see a package from another wedding planner which includes venue, equipment and ceremony for about $6000USD. Sound great right?


What it doesn’t include is hair, make up, décor, priest/celebrant, entertainment, food and beverage and also accommodation which are the most essential items to make a wedding a success. Finding a cheap initial price doesn’t always mean the end price is still going to be cheap. And this is where we see many couples get stung. The costs that weren’t advertised. So before you put down any deposit, get an itemised invoice or quote. You will be thankful you did.


Also make sure that you read the contract and that any vendor you choose has flexible arrangements should the wedding have to be postponed or cancelled.

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No stuffy ballrooms or snooze-worthy table settings here, folks. We're talking about wedding venues that will make your jaw drop and be everything but a yawn-fest.

Choose Bali for a wedding that's as wild and whimsical as your love story. Hurry up and seize the opportunity to create memories that'll make your grandkids say, "Wow, Grandma and Grandpa were seriously cool!" 

Newly Married couple kissing on the beach in Bali

Hire a professional Wedding Planner

When deciding to have a destination wedding, we can’t recommend hiring a professional wedding planner enough. They know the suppliers, they know the venues, they know how to deal with the issues that arise in a foreign country, they are the experts in their field and are there to help you. They are the lucky few that get to deal with the language barriers, the bad communication from the suppliers and the stress of bringing your big day all together. They also account for elements in a wedding a lot of DIY planners miss.


Another essential detail many brides and grooms miss is checking to see if your wedding planner is legally able to operate? When choosing a wedding planner here in Bali make sure that they have a registered business with all of the correct licenses. Why? Because if any Indonesian officials come to your wedding and the wedding planners don't have the correct credentials the whole thing will be shut down. That means you don't get married, there is no celebration and most likely you won't get a refund from the rouge planner. So when choosing a wedding planner, ask to see a copy of their license and their Kitas.

Ready to start planning your dream destination wedding? Contact us today to speak with one of our expert wedding planners and take the first step towards making your dream a reality!

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