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Master of ceremonies master class


We’ve all been there, we’ve all heard it and we’ve all watched it like a slow motion car crash. You know, the bad jokes, the awkward pauses, the swaying from side to side after one too many drinks. This is the tragedy of not choosing the right MC for your wedding.


So how do you go about picking the right person to keep your wedding on track, tasteful and fun?

Let’s face it, being a wedding MC is not an easy task and it’s really not for the feint of heart. It’s not enough that they have to perform in front of a large crowd but they’re doing it in front of family and friends. You need to make sure that whoever is given the task is up to it.


So here are some great things to think about and some things to avoid when choosing your wedding MC.


Who knows you best?

In Australia it is not uncommon to have a family member or friend bestowed as the MC for the night, but do they know both of you? Have they been there every step of the way from when you first met to the wedding day? In order to choose the right MC think about who in your life has spent quality time with both you and your future spouse. Someone that can recall some great times and share it with the crowd.


What about hiring a professional?

There is a common misconception that by hiring a professional MC for your big day it will loose the personal touch a close friend or family member will bring. While this is slightly true a professional MC will make the time to get to know both you and your partner. Not only that but since they have been to a few weddings in their time they know what needs to be done. They really know how to set the right mood and keep everything running smoothly.


Let’s have a look at some of the traits you’ll want to avoid when choosing your MC.


Potty Mouth.

If the MC you have in mind likes to drop the F-bomb then keep looking. A wedding is neither the time nor the place for someone to be cursing.


Lewd and Rude.

You need to keep the stories clean. While Uncle Joe thinks he has a hilariously embarrassing story that he can share, he’s probably the only one that won't cringe when hearing it. No one wants to be embarrassed at their own wedding. Red faced from laughing, Yes, red faced from being embarrassed in front of your new in-laws, No.


Getting Hammered

There is nothing that goes down quite like a lead balloon quite like a slurring and stammering MC. We aren’t saying that the MC can’t enjoy a drink but just in moderation. Once they have finished off all of their formalities there is still plenty of time for them to get their party on.


The Ego

Let us be clear, this is your day not theirs. If there is anything more mundane than an MC that wont shut up, it’s an MC that wont stop talking about themselves. To avoid this, try and see what the MC has planned to talk about before the big day. It will be worth it.


Ok, so now you know what to avoid let’s have a look at some of the qualities you want your MC to have.



While they don’t necessarily need to be a comedian, subtle humour injected into the day lifts the mood and creates joy. Just be sure to check over the jokes first.



This really should go without saying but with the amount of times we have witnessed MC with stage fright we thought it’s a good idea to remind you. While some people are naturals at speaking in front of crowds some just aren’t suited to the spotlight. Make sure you don’t pick an MC that is going to seize up on you.



The job of an MC isn’t just to announce key parts of the wedding, they need to work pretty closely with the vendors or wedding organiser to make sure what they are about to announce is actually ready to go and that all participants are accounted for. If the person you’re thinking of MC your wedding isn’t someone you’d associate with being prepared then they’re probably not the right pick.


A last word of advice, after you have chosen your perfect MC (and they have accepted), sit down with them to knock a few ideas around. Let them know what you expect of them and let them know you are available if they want to run any ideas by you.

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