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The complete destination wedding guide

Bride and Groom

Wouldn’t it be great to have a one size fits all wedding budget? Have the wedding of your dreams without having to worry about the financial side of things.


One can dream.


If you’re not the atypical couple and are looking for an adventurous way to exchange your vowels, then you should really consider a destination wedding.

“But what about budget? Surely a destination wedding will cost me an arm and a leg.”

We’re here to guide you on everything you need to consider for a destination wedding. There are countless wedding styles to fit every couple and budget – and that also includes destination weddings.

Bride and Groom walking on a beach after wedding ceremony

What is a destination wedding going to cost me?

How long is a piece of string? Destination weddings come in all shapes and sizes – as well as all sizes of budget. If you go online to ask, the most common reply would be “it depends” – and it really does.

However, being the professionals we are, we think we can give you a better answer than that. Strap in and lets breakdown the destination wedding.

What determines the cost of a wedding?

Venue, dates, guest list, catering, styling- pretty much every element you choose determines the cost of your wedding. It’s true that destination weddings have different costs to weddings at home. You will have to take travel costs and accommodation for you and your guests into account, and these can be two of the biggest factors you will have to consider.


The good part though is most of your guests will pay for their own flights and accommodation (cause they love you). There are also some fantastic hotels that offer discounts for group rates so we recommend having a good idea of guest numbers that are expected to join you for your nuptials, before you start looking. Also remember to ask for a discount as the larger hotels and resorts offer group rates.


The other large cost is the venue of choice. Bali has some phenomenal venues on offer so we recommend to sort the venue out first. This will be a sizable chunk of your budget, so start here.

Expenses to be factored into your destination wedding budget.

Wedding Planner

Light Up Wedding Letters Mr & Mrs

A lot of couples plan their own destination wedding and they have been successful, but one thing we hear of often is that they wish they had hired a planner. We couldn’t agree more. Without a doubt, hiring a wedding planner for your destination wedding is the most important investment you can make. They are on the ground and they can do all of the running around that you can’t from home


Hiring a wedding planner has lots of perks. The first is that they seriously reduce the stress factors involved in planning a wedding. They come with a wealth of contacts, speak the local language and know when they’re being ripped off. The average cost good of a destination wedding planner here in Bali is between $2000AUD to $5000AUD. The benefits they provide, however, are priceless.

Travel Expense

Packing a suitcase for a destination wedding

Yes, we mentioned this above, but we’re mentioning it again because it’s really important. International flights and transport can add up quickly. Flights can start from around $350 return (from Australia) and then just keep going up from there depending on where you’re flying in from. Find out an approximate cost and add it into your budget before any other decisions are made.

Depending on the accommodation you’ve chosen, most of the bigger hotels offer free pick up from the airport. The smaller ones for a small fee. If you and your guests are arriving on the same flight, then you’ll need to hire something a little bigger like a bus. Hiring a bus costs around $270 for the day.


Wedding Venue in Bali

Whether you’ve chosen a venue that can accommodate your guests or chosen a ceremony location separate from your accommodation, you will need to think about your lodging expenses. As we mentioned earlier there is no expectation for you to pay for your guests sleeping arrangements, but you can get some room blocks at hotels or resorts at a cheaper rate than if your guests all booked separately. The average cost for a room per night will be from $75 - $350, again depending on location and facilities.


Bride ready to walk down the aisle for a destination wedding

A cliff top wedding overlooking the Indian Ocean, a jungle hideaway, or a resort wedding with all the bells and whistles. Regardless of your choice in venue there will be costs, and pretty sizable ones at that.


The wedding venue will take up a large part of your budget, and just like weddings at home, the choice of venue for destination weddings can take up around 50% of your overall wedding budget. Now this number really does depend on the location, guest list and style of wedding, so we recommend doing some research before locking in your venue.


Also remember that Wedding Planners can sometimes get better prices, just anther reason why they are worth investing in.

Wedding Décor


Deciding on your wedding style is the fun part of planning your wedding, but if you’re not careful the price can blow out of control quicker than they can make another Fast and Furious movie. You may be dreaming of an intimate micro wedding or a lavish extravaganza, and there are so many elements that can be added to make the day more of a reflection of you. The décor is your opportunity to personalise your big day, no matter the location or budget.

When choosing the floral elements to your Bali wedding remember that most of the flowers will be imported and carry a higher than expected price tag. Try to go with locally grown flowers to keep the budget in check.

The cost for florals can be anywhere from $500 - $5000. Décor such as tables, chairs, arches etc. will also range in cost depending on your style choices and size of your wedding. But the price range is usually between $600 - $1500 for a wedding size of 30.

Food and Drinks

Wedding Catering

The size of your guest list determines the size of your catering budget. For a smaller sized the wedding there should be a very low cost associated with your food expenses. However, for couples that have chosen the all-out, no holds barred wedding, then your catering bill will be a large ticket item. The best way to determine your cost for catering is to apply a “cost per head” method to your budget then add a 25% contingency. On average the cost per head will be between $65 - $150, yet this completely depends on the package you choose.

When it comes to drinks there are many options to providing your guests liquid refreshments and social lubricant. Click here for a more in-depth look at providing an open bar.



There is no “one size fits all” wedding, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Your big day will be as unique as your love story is.

We believe there is something truly enchanting about tying the knot in a far away location. A wonderful memory, not just for you, but all of your guests for years to come.

If you would like to see how The Eleventh Agency can bring your dream wedding into reality give us a shout by clicking here.

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